Dream Analysis Classes

The Way of the Dream

10 Week Theory & Practical Course

  1. What is a dream? – Various models/understanding of the dream including indigenous cultures, Freud & Jung.
  2. Working with dreams – Interpretation techniques, associations, amplification and creative dialogue 
  3. The individuation process – Ego, shadow, the anima/animus and the Self. A psychological review of Dante’s Inferno
  4. Projection & Recollection – Recognising ourselves in others and in the world
  5. Four Elements – Jung’s four psychological types
  6. Meeting the Shadow – Approaching & working with one’s undeveloped self.
  7. Aspects of the Feminine – Four faces of the feminine and their characteristics
  8. Aspects of the Masculine – Four faces of the masculine and their characteristics
  9. Realising the Self – Encountering the Self. The story of Jesus-Christ. The experience of Job.
  10. Honouring the dream – Grounding insights in everyday life.